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Virtual team coaching
To make your organization more
Versatile and nimble in facing the unknowns 

MASTERING difficult decisions AS A TEAM / Board


As a leader, you're expected to empower your team, by delegating decision making, in good times and uncertain times.

Making Decisions collectively, as a team can...
  • ...feel like herding cats & take a long time
  • ...strain relationships or risk GroupThink
  • ...lack commitment to the decision. 

Let's help your team achieve...

  • ...timely decisions with clarity and commitment
  • ...stronger relationships built on healthy conflict  
  • ...and be empowered to challenge the status quo.

You become more impactful as a leader and the organization can become more nimble and roll with the punches.

With Dynamic Strategies, your organization is better prepared for uncertainties.


Teams Decide Better Together with Karl Shaikh 

Many leaders struggle to guide their teams to Decide Better Together through uncertain times.

Through virtual coaching, we equip your teams with the tools and communication skills to decide better together despite the uncertainty.

Karl has wrestled with making collaborative decisions with uncertainties in large corporations, as an entrepreneur, consultant and college educator. He knew there had to be a better way.

The problem was rooted in a paradox of:
  • the leader's desire to empower the team to make decisions together
  • yet the team's lack of knowhow on Team Based Decision Making. 

We know from research that diverse perspectives lead to better problem solving and deeper learning but only if all voices are heard.

Over the years, he's tested and refined his methods, resulting in a powerful team coaching program with empowerment and adaptiveness at the core. A way to lead through the unknown.

Karl brings a depth and variety of perspectives to his work. He has an uncanny ability to unearth the "why," connect the dots and see what’s missing.

Karl has supported leaders just like you empower their teams to Decide Better Together. Read more of his work in his books, Stop Change Grow and the upcoming book on Teams Decide Better Together . 


"Karl checks the boxes in terms of domain expertise, integrity, making himself available and being easy to work with. However, what stands out with Karl is his keen ability to suggest the great angle we haven't thought of or the strategic element we may have overlooked. I always include Karl in our important discussions because I know he will have insights we need to hear."
Technology Startup Founder
"It was great to go through the process of reviewing where we want to go and how we need to grow.

I now feel like we have a more solid roadmap on what our goals are, whom we want to reach, and the things we need to do to get there. We cannot thank Karl enough for helping us to lay out a roadmap for the organization."
Non Profit Org BOARD

"Karl will forever have a halo of gold around his head-- at least in my mind! He was kind, professional, involved, and cared deeply about my success. He's the kind of guy you definitely want on your side.

I feel grateful to have had his guidance-- it was a privilege to me to have his help!"
Market Positioning & Value Proposition


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Decide, Better, Together

Turn uncertainty into an asset

At 1Unkown, we understand that you want to be a leader who can guide their team or board in making difficult decisions - even when the future feels uncertain. In order to do that, you and your team or board need to embrace uncertainties and create systems that allow flexibility. 

The problem is old models of strategic thinking and team decision making are rooted in the assumption that the future should be known. But you need a way to lead through the unknown. 

We give you the tools to empower your team or board to be part of strategic decisions that will move your organization forward.


"Karl was able to solve strategic issues I had been grappling with for weeks in a matter of minutes. He is able to clearly articulate a path forward - I could not be more grateful for the time I spent with him. Thank you Karl!"
"The problem statement we were facing in September was how to continue to grow in a healthy, planned, and strategic fashion. To Develop a strategic forward thinking plan for our future.

Karl helped us to look for strategic projects that we could begin today that would remove barriers, improve processes, and shore up our growth. 

Instead of spinning our wheels and planning for a future state five years from now that we cannot predict, Karl taught us to re-align our current steps to help us to arrive at the future state in which we are serving our community in the best way possible."
Non Profit Org CEO
"Working with you on our strategic planning project has been an educational experience. I walked into this process expecting it to be similar to strategic planning I have participated in at other agencies.

 Your approach to strategic planning required us to slow down and think about our agency differently. As a person who tends to think in spread sheet format, this has sometimes been difficult for me. However, your approach has provided us with a vision of a mature agency as well as action steps to start moving us in that direction.  

Your process has allowed everyone to feel heard, and allowed us to combine ideas and thoughts into actionable ideas. I believe your questions and probing have allowed us to look at our agency from different perspectives. This has been enlightening as we are now finding answers to questions we would not have thought to ask, but are finding to be important as we enhance our programing for the future. "

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